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The Energy Guardian® Kits have been featured on TV, radio and various online and print media. Of particular note are the TV consumer reports. As you likely know, any consumer report is not an advertisement. Consumer reports are done by an independent party who should not receive any compensation for that review. Therefore, a consumer report can present a positive or negative review on a product. The Energy Guardian® Kits have been the sole product featured in news segments on CBS3, NBC10 and nationally on the FOX NEWS Channel.

Online Media
This Old House
The same This Old House that you see on TV or whose magazine you read also has much of the same information in its online website. Jennifer Brite is the author of “9 Green Products You Should Know About”. In this article, she explains the importance and benefits of going green. She then features nine specific products with The Energy Guardian® as the only one regarding an attic entrance.
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Jim Donovan, an Emmy Award-winning consumer reporter whose honors run the gamut from the Better Business Bureau to the Associated Press, is the featured reporter for the 3 On Your Side consumer unit. 
In the linked segment, Jim Donovan conducts an in depth review of The Energy Guardian® Kit while it is being installed in a randomly selected client’s home. The homeowner explains in her own words how an attic pull down folding ladder affected her family in terms of a loss of comfort as well as the cost of heating and cooling. Viewers of this segment witness the assembly of The Energy Guardian® Kit and the ease of use by the homeowner. Finally, Donovan ends the segment with his overall opinion of The Energy Guardian® Kit.
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FOX & Friends on The FOX News Channel
Kirin Chetry and Kelly Wright were co-anchors of "FOX & Friends Weekend" viewed throughout the USA and much of the free world.
Ms. Chetry was the anchor of Fox & Friends First and Fox & Friends Weekend for the Fox News Channel. Mr. Wright was co-anchor for FOX & Friends Weekend as well as a general assignment correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC).
Ms. Chetry and Mr. Wright dedicate an entire segment the The Energy Guardian®. In this segment, they discuss the problems caused by any attic entrance. Kirin and Kelly ask probing questions about the various aspects of the kits well as the unique design of The Energy Guardian® Kits. Ms. Chetry personally demonstrates how The Energy Guardian® Kits, installed on stage, for both the attic ladders and push up hatches are lightweight, practical and easy to use.
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NBC10 Consumer Alert
NBC10 featured The Energy Guardian® Kits in several news segments. In the first segment, Antoinette Coup, Chief Financial Officer of Oliver Heating and Cooling, is interviewed in her home by Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist Tracy Davidson. Ms. Davidson anchors the NBC 10 News program ‘All That and More.
Ms Coupe has both a pull down ladder and knee wall insulated and sealed with The Energy Guardian® Kits. When questioned for the evening news segment, she reported a savings of “$300 in heating and cooling expenses in one year” for her 2500 square foot residence. Since she is an expert in that business, she adds, “I can’t be fooled with gimmicks.”
Ms. Davidson explains the energy loss caused by any attic entrance. Guest Blaine Illingworth, host of The House Mechanic Radio Show demonstrates the significant energy loss through an attic push up hatch.
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After viewing the above segment on NBC10, Ms. Lisa Holly ordered The Energy Guardian® Kit for her home. The previous year, she had installed insulation throughout her attic, but still experienced drafts and the second floor of her house was several degrees colder. She was so pleased with the results that she sent a thank you note to the station. That prompted another story at her house where she explained her experience.
Her comments included, “Within 2 hours, I turned down the thermostat by 8 degrees and my home was more comfortable and the drafts are gone. I had no idea that my attic entrance was such a big problem, but it absolutely was.”

Based on the popularity of these segments, portions of the two interviews were included in subsequent segments on energy saving tips.


The Energy Guardian® Kits have also been featured on a number of radio shows where the topic was home energy saving and fire safety, starting with "The Fix-It Guys" (now called "Rick the Fix-It Guy") on 1210 AM in Philadelphia. While there are too many programs to include all of them, the following are a sampling:

Syndicated Radio Show “Home Remedies”, hosted by Doug Rye

Doug RyeDoug Rye is both a licensed architect and civil engineer specializing in home energy savings. He conducts over 150 energy saving seminars per year all across the U.S. In addition, Mr. Rye hosted the "Home Remedies" cable television series with co-host Tommy Sanders of ESPN.

In one of his weekly radio shows, he interviews Mike and Dennis Melesky of ESS Energy Products, Inc. During the segment, Doug, Mike and Dennis engage in a plain talk explanation of how much the attic entrance costs homes in wasted heating and cooling expenses, mold and roof damage. Mike and Dennis answer live questions about the problem as well as The Energy Guardian® Kits from homeowners throughout the 20+ states in which it is aired. Doug Rye adds, “The Energy Guardian® Kits are an essential component for any home for several important reasons. They also just make good common sense and have a short payback period. With your kits, homeowners stop feeding that big energy hog as soon as they are installed, not to mention that the home is safer and more comfortable.” He continues with, “The Energy Guardian® Kits have set a national standard.”

“The House Mechanic Hotline” hosted by Blaine Illingworth
Blaine Illingworth

Blaine Illingworth hosts this syndicated call-in show for any matter of concern by homeowners in the multi-state listening area. Mr. Illingworth’s career includes building and home renovation, home inspector and home energy auditor.
In this hour long show, Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers and James Melesky, president of ESS Energy Products, Inc. discuss the importance of heat retention and fire safety measures in homes. The discussion moves to areas where the two overlap, principally how the drafts caused by any attic entrance leads to space heater use. Details of a recent National Fire Protection Association report are addressed where space heaters accounted for eye-opening and needless injuries, property damage and fatalities.


The Philadelphia Inquirer®, Philadelphia, PA
Suburban Staff Writer Wendy Walker, in a feature article, interviews Jim Melesky. Mr. Melesky is the founder of ESS Energy Products, Inc. and the creator of The Energy Guardian® Kits. Ms. Walker gains a rare insight into how the need for these products occurred to the inventor, the unique design of the kits and results he experienced in his own home. From there, he walks through how the business was developed.

The Daily Local West Chester, PA
Staff Writer Gretchen Metz, in a feature article, interviews inventor Jim Melesky as well as homeowner Scott Hall. Ms. Metz offers a scientific look at the energy loss caused by any attic entrance in winter and summer. She reveals the personal importance Mr. Melesky places on quality of the products produced and satisfaction with the positive impact they have on the homeowners. Mr. Hall relates his surprise that The Energy Guardian® Kits made such a huge difference in his home. He reported the immediate difference in the second floor of his two-story home once he installed The Energy Guardian® Kit. He also notes the actual savings that resulted in a year over year comparison.

Home Energy Magazine
ESS President Jim Melesky authors an article for industry experts on the extent of energy loss through any type of attic entrance due to both conductive and convective heat transfer.