The Company

            The success and growth of ESS has been extremely rewarding for all of us concerned with energy conservation and our business.  In 2002, ESS Energy Product, Inc. (then Energy Sentry Solutions, Inc.) introduced a new product offering to insulate and seal attic pull down ladders.  While there were a number of existing products already available, the ESS kit (called the Energy Guardian® and the subject of a pending patent application) had some unique characteristics which have come to distinguish it from any other alternatives.  First, the kit offered a revolutionary air seal with a seemingly simple new and innovative art form - the lip of the lid fit into the frame of the kit to form a revolutionary air seal.  It replaced cumbersome sealing devices such as zippers, latches, hook and eye and gasketing.  It also added a big benefit in superior air sealing results.  The two piece kit was very lightweight yet durable and contained a very high insulating value.  Within a year, ESS used the same patent pending design for kits to insulate and seal attic push up panels or hatches.  By 2005, this same patent pending design was also applied to create a kit to fit over permanent stairways. A different, non-gravity patent pending based design lead to the knee wall kits in 2006.

            It did not take long to learn that ESS had the right idea.  In fact, the results have been truly remarkable in every manner of measure.  Business has grown rapidly, experts have endorsed the kits over any other measure and large government agencies, major utility companies, builders, contractors and many others have made The Energy Guardian® Kits their standard solution to the energy conservation issues.  In many cases, tremendous commercial success has occurred along with significant recognition and product awards. On January 26, 2010, the design of The Energy Guardian® Kits became protected under United States Patent Number 7,650,722 B1. ESS has other patents related to the design of The Energy Guardian® Kits pending.

Business Growth

            The growth in units sold and revenue has been impressive as the business has doubled multiple times in both categories during only several years.  The Energy Guardian® Kits are now installed in over ten thousand homes across the USA.  A significant portion of the business continues from individual homeowners.  Another large segment of business comes from the Weatherization Assistance Program.  This Federally funded, national program mandates adherence to strict standards for any measure to make homes more energy efficient.  Utility companies manage similar programs for low income families to make their homes more energy efficient.  These programs provide ongoing oversight to ensure compliance with the highest standards for energy saving measures.  While the list of individual programs is too vast to list, these programs have chosen The Energy Guardian® Kits as their standard over every other competitive product and alternative measure available.  They commonly cite several reasons:

           In addition, a growing number of utility companies including New Jersey Natural Gas, members of the Touchstone Electric Cooperative such as Ozark Electric and First Electric, as well as local government agencies, such as The City of Elizabeth in North Carolina, now recommend our kits to all of their residential clients. 

Expert Endorsements, Awards and Other Recognition

            A number of third party experts have analyzed and tested our kits in the field.  Using Blower Door, Smoke Stick and Infra-Red Camera tests, The Energy Guardian® Kits simply prove more effective than any other measure for sealing the opening for energy conservation.  Tests showed our kits to be 2 to 3 times more effective in this regard.  In fact, some of the test results by these independent third parties have even surprised scientists and other experts in the field. 

            The Kits received its first Award for Environmental Efficiency in 2002 from Kutztown University.  In 2008, the Kits received the PA Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence and were also honored by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.  The Kits were also featured in the National Affordable Comfort Institute’s Green Demonstration Home in April 2008.

            At a national weatherization conference in 2008, the patent pending The Energy Guardian® Kits were identified as the only kits that meet the 2009 National Building Code requirements.

            The recognition began with segments on local radio home improvement shows, then very positive reviews by local TV consumer reports and trade journals.  Finally, patent pending The Energy Guardian® Kits have been featured on National TV. 

Private Sector

            The Kits are currently used by many energy conscious builders, energy conservation trainers, insulating companies, green building supply stores and large contractors such as Honeywell DMC Services.  All chose the patent pending The Energy Guardian® Kits after having used or considered every other commercially available alternative such as The Attic Tent®, The BatticDoor™, PinkCap® (an Owens-Corning offering), Thermadome and others.  In addition, many of these commercial clients were takeaways from one of the above vendors.  Many of their stories are explained in our experts’ endorsements section.

            A significant portion of our business continues from individual homeowners.  To date, homeowners from nearly every state in the USA have installed the patent pending The Energy Guardian® Kits.  Most chose our kits after they conducted internet searches and analyzed the various alternatives.  Countless letters and e-mails relate the big difference our kits have made to the comfort of their home and significant energy savings in both hot and cold weather.

            Everyone at ESS is grateful for the opportunity to serve each customer.  The firm is dedicated to continually improve and expand our offerings to make energy conservation and comfort a reality in every home.

            This terrific story began in the late 1990’s, when it was clear to the founders of ESS Energy Products, Inc. that there was a looming need for energy saving in the USA.  Though it was not a priority to the average citizen, the world economy was growing and creating greater demand.  Demand would exceed supply, causing higher prices for the nearly 100 million homeowners using electric, gas oil and propane.  While investments in alternative sources of fuel would be important for the future, the founders realized that conservation products and measures could offer the only short term relief.  While many products were already available such as energy efficient appliances, windows and doors, there were also a number of high impact opportunities.  

            ESS was founded with a simple strategy.  It would deliver common sense, easy to understand and cost effective products to save energy and improve the comfort in homes across the country.  In short, it would make energy conservation painless and profitable. 
The attic entrance has been and commonly remains the most overlooked source of energy loss in homes.  Today, ESS has a complete suite of patent pending products that stop the large energy loss through virtually any internal attic entrance.


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