Homeowners are our best sales representatives. Much of our business is a result of one friend or relative sharing their experience with The Energy Guardian® Kit to others.

We are grateful to receive each letter and e-mail. Each is circulated company wide so everyone can share in the pride of our products and understand why our business is so important. ESS is pleased to share them with visitors to our web site.

In this section, you can read a sampling of these personal notes from other homeowners. One homeowner even took The Energy Guardian® Kit with them when they moved.

From our clients to you, in their own words:

Lisa from PA:

“Last year I spent a lot of money for more insulation installed in my attic. It helped a little, but it didn’t fix the problem. It was still colder and drafty on the second floor all winter and much warmer in the summer.

This fall I had The Energy Guardian® (Kit) installed when we had our first cold spell. The results were amazing!

Within 2 hours, I turned down the thermostat by 8 degrees and my home was more comfortable and the drafts are gone. I had no idea that my attic entrance was such a big problem, but it absolutely was.

It is important for all of us to help decrease our dependency on foreign sources of energy. This product is an easy way for all of us to help. Everyone should install your product. You can use me as a reference.”

Bill from RI:

“Early last summer my wife and I retired to a three bedroom one story house that we totally remodeled here in Newport, RI. Being a professional cabinet-maker by trade for the past 50 odd years, I tried to figure how I could come up with a solution to prevent heat loss (in winter) and heat build-up (in summer) in the area of my attic pull down ladder located in the center hallway. One day I saw the advertisement for The Energy Guardian® System and knew immediately that this was the answer. I was not skeptical at all because I realized that this was the answer to the problem. I ordered the system, installed it and have been thrilled with the results.

The savings and comfort that it has brought us are remarkable. The results are unbelievable in both the summer and winter. It is the best invention that I have ever seen. This man deserves a medal for coming up with this product.”

Antoinette from PA:

I am in the heating and cooling business, so I can’t be fooled by any gimmick products. I had The Energy Guardian® Kit installed a year ago. It made an immediate change in our entire 2nd floor. The drafts and cold were gone within minutes. It is much cooler in the summer too. I have saved about $350 on my heating and cooling bills in one year.”

Mike from Kansas:

“The installer arrived on time and got the job done in fine order. I was confident that The Guardian® Kit would make a difference in the winter and it did. The whole upstairs is warmer. I was really surprised at how cool my daughter’s room stayed all summer long. The air conditioner comes on much less often than it used to. Thanks for a great product.”

Jan from TX:

“they just came to my house this morning and installed the unit. IT”S AMAZING the difference was instant. It is very hot and humid here today. As soon as they got it up and we closed it you could immediately feel the cool air. I also noticed that when I opened my laundry room door to the garage I did not have an “in flush” of air rushing in. They wanted me to tell you it’s the first one they’ve done. It took them a while because of my attic layout and some wiring cords in the way but they got it done and they said it was really easy. They read up on the video or training info yesterday and went right to it.

I can’t wait to see the difference in my utility bills. I must have been pouring air and heat out my roof through that attic hatch.

I’m thrilled with your product I’m so glad I went with yours instead of the b….. door I was considering. You get what you pay for as the old saying goes !!!!!”

Folkert from PA:

“I have an old home with an attic ladder.
The Energy Guardian® works quite well. It used to be like walking into a refrigerator when we went into the room with the pull down ladder. We could really feel it on cold windy days. Now the area is always warm and comfortable.

I haven’t kept a record, but I am sure that we are saving money. Feel free to use me as a reference.”

Ruth from Minnesota:

“Living in southeastern Minnesota, we don't have - nor do we "need" - central air.

The Energy Guardian® (Kit) was installed in an 1868 house with an attic ladder opening in the hallway of the second floor, where all the bedrooms are. Today's weather (in the mid-80s) is almost identical to yesterday's.

Yesterday, we had a small window A/C unit going full blast in the master bedroom. We closed off a small bedroom on the southeast side of the 2nd floor (a "heat trap). We had a  ceiling fan running at full tilt in the third bedroom / office. We also had a small fan in the hallway to keep air moving.

Today, after installing the Energy Guardian® (at about 10:30 am), I could feel the difference within 15-30 minutes. More to the point, the small A/C unit is now on medium (not high), the second bedroom is wide open the hallway and the third bedroom ceiling fan is operating at half of what we usually set it at. I have put the small fan away as it simply isn't needed.

And the COMFORT level is amazing!

I am also going to make sure that all my friends in this area who have attic access are told about your products.”

Robert from PA:

“Last fall you installed an Energy Guardian® in a trap door entrance in our daughter’s bedroom. Prior to its installation, her room had a constant draft and during the winter the room temperature was in the mid to high 50’s. Since its installation, the room temperature has been in the 60’s and the draft has stopped.”

Dave from NH:

“I got the Guardian® for pull down ladders. We noticed a difference in the room where the pull-down stairs are located as soon as it was installed. No more drafts and the whole area is warmer. Just in time too, because we had the coldest night of the month last night. My wife now feels that the heating system works better than ever.”

Rich from NJ:

I am very happy with the Pull down Ladder cover unit. My daughter sleeps in the bedroom with the pull down ladder and is happy that is much warmer with no more drafts from the attic.

You have a great product.”

Lew from PA:

“We recently moved into our townhouse and noticed that the second floor was colder than the first floor and there was a definite draft emanating from the area of our attic ladder. We also had a condensation problem in the attic roofing above the folding ladder and recently had to replace part of the roof. My wife was skeptical when I told her about the product I saw on the evening news. The report convinced me to check out The Energy Guardian® Kit.

After it had been installed, the drafts were gone and I noticed that the 2nd floor was 5 degrees warmer! My wife is happy because she doesn’t need a space heater in the TV room anymore.

There is no more condensation on the attic ceiling either. That’s a big difference.”

Kirk from MO:

“I recently acquired an Energy Guardian® in the hopes that it might improve a problem my wife and I have had with our house since we moved in.  We have a two story house built in the late 1970's.  The windows were upgraded just before we bought it about 4 years ago and we have a number of ceiling fans, but we still noticed significant temperature issues.

In particular, the temperature of the upstairs of our house was very difficult to regulate.  The thermostat is downstairs and no matter where we set the thermostat the upstairs always seemed cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  You could even feel a line in the air of the stairwell where the temperature noticeably changed as you walked up the stairs.  We had a two location thermometer and placed one in each location out of curiosity (and the safety of caged pets we keep upstairs).  We quickly discovered that a 5-7 degree difference in temperature between the upstairs and downstairs was pretty standard on any day where the air conditioner or heater was running.  We even noticed distinct differences between rooms upstairs.

I installed the Energy Guardian® on a particularly hot day this last August.  We have an attic hatch above the second floor hallway.  Within 48 hours after installation, I commented to my wife that the dividing line in the stairwell was no longer nearly as distinct.  The thermometer confirmed our feelings.  Since installation, I have only noticed a 1-2 degree difference between the two levels and the dividing line between the two levels seems to be a thing of the past.  Further, even the rooms upstairs seem to maintain more constant temperature with each other.”

Tina from NJ:

“I purchased The Energy Guardian® to see if I would save on my heating and cooling bills.

Boy did I ever! I had someone install it last March and I could feel the difference as soon as I closed the lid.

I am also happy that The Energy Guardian® is lightweight. As a single mother, it is easy to handle getting in and out of the attic”

Bill from PA:

“We have two hatch openings in our home. It was always colder in the winter and hot in the summer in both rooms. When I learned about your products, it seemed to make sense. I liked the client comments on your web page so we had them installed.

I am very pleased with the improvement in the comfort of both rooms. I noticed several degrees difference in the bedroom where the hatch is in the closet when it was installed last winter and that constant draft was gone. It was the same thing for the hatch in the laundry room.

There was another really big difference that I never expected. Both rooms were always very dusty. After The Energy Guardian® was installed, there was very little dust in either room. My wife noticed the same thing so we figured out that we got an extra bonus with your product. I then realized how much dust and other crud had been circulating our home from the attic. You should sell your products as air cleaners too.”

John from FL:

The Energy Guardian® push up hatch cover was installed this spring. Our home was cooler and less humid on the first hot spell and stayed that way all summer. I am saving on my electric bill and it is hotter than last summer. My home is more comfortable and the product paid for itself in the first summer. Now that’s a good deal!”

Jerry from DE:

“I installed The Energy Guardian® this summer in the same month as our hot tub. I used the hot tub three times a week. I cringed when I got my first utility bill. I was certain that it was going to go way up. To my surprise, it went down!”

Ruth from PA:

“We installed The Energy Guardian® on a cold winters day. The rooms on our second floor were drafty as usual on cold days, but I didn’t realize that was due to the attic ladder.

Within minutes of installing it, the upstairs was much warmer. In fact, the entire house became so much warmer that I turned down the thermostat several degrees and the house was still warmer than before.

A few weeks later, I noticed the upstairs bedrooms were colder again. I was so disappointed. I thought that your product had worn out. My husband checked and found out that we had removed the kit and forgot to put it back in place. We moved The Energy Guardian® back and the house warmed right up again.

We have the same success in the summer months as well.”

Tom from NC:

“I’m in the insulation business. Pull down ladders, attic fans and trap doors are a big insulation problem and there was no easy and effective solution until now. This product is a real breakthrough. I’ve done my first install of each product. Each was a snap. I am very impressed.”

Fred from PA:

“We have a hatch opening in our closet. It was cold and drafty on the whole second floor. Now the upstairs is more comfortable. Our heating and electric bills are lower. We are very happy with The Energy Guardian®.”

Mary Anne from FL:

“I am so glad that we have The Energy Guardian®. It installed so quickly and easily and it makes such a difference in our house.

Why didn’t someone think of this before?”

Sandy from PA:

“The trap door is in my son’s bedroom closet. The second floor of the house was always hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. I never knew why.

Your product changed things as soon as it was put in. It was in the 90’s for a week and the second floor stayed cool. I had no idea that such a small thing could make such a big change for the house!”

Pete from MA:

“I installed The Energy Guardian® very easily and quickly. I can feel the difference in the upstairs room. I am very pleased and recommend it to others.”

Ed from PA:

“I noticed the difference in the comfort of the bedrooms right after The Energy Guardian® was installed. I also noticed that the furnace is not going on as often.”

Jean from PA:

“Wow! What a difference! Since The Energy Guardian® has been in our attic a few months ago, our A/C runs a lot less. The house stays much cooler and we are excited to see our electric bills go down!

We even removed the door to see if the house would stay cool without your product, but it didn’t. It was much warmer. This goes to show you The Energy Guardian® is a great investment.”

Bill from PA:

“We have two hatch openings in our home. It was always drafty in the winter and hot in the summer in both rooms. When I learned about your products, it seemed to make sense. I liked the client comments on your web page so we had them installed.

I am very pleased with the improvement in the comfort of both rooms. I noticed several degrees difference in the bedroom where the hatch is in the closet when it was installed last winter and that constant draft was gone. It was the same thing for the hatch in the laundry room.

There was another really big difference that I never expected. Both rooms were always very dusty. After The Energy Guardian® was installed, there was very little dust in either room. My wife noticed the same thing so we figured out that we got an extra bonus with your product. I then realized how much dust and other crud had been circulating our home from the attic. You should sell your products as air cleaners too.”

John from PA:

“I had The Energy Guardian® pull-down cover professionally installed sometime last December (2006). The results were even better than expected. I could feel the difference almost instantaneously. I had approximately 25% savings in just my heating bill alone. During the winter, my home was hotter down-stairs and cooler up-stairs. Now it is the exact opposite. I also noticed that during the summer the air-conditioning system was running a lot less. I didn’t compare my cooling bills but I had to have saved a lot during the summer too. The Energy Guardian® (Kit) does what it is advertised to do. This is something every homeowner can use.”

Anna from PA:

“My husband installed The Energy Guardian® (pull-down cover) sometime in January of ’06. I knew it was going to help, but I had no idea that it would help as much as it did. I could feel the difference immediately. There was a 5 degree difference after it was installed. My heating bills dropped significantly. We just recently moved and we were glad to be able to use the product in our new home. I have already recommended this product to my friends and family.”

Sarah from PA:

“I learned about The Energy Guardian® Kit from my heating and air conditioning contractor. It was installed last winter.

Right after it was in place, I noticed a difference when I walked upstairs. It was warmer and the draft disappeared. I noticed that the icicles from my gutters also disappeared after a while and never came back.

I don’t know by how many degrees the change was, but there is definitely a difference in both the winter and summer.

I give both the installer and the product a 9 or 10 out of ten rating. Let me know if you make any other products.”

Clara from PA:

“We saw a segment on your product in the evening news consumer report. It made sense so we bought it.

My husband installed the kit over our attic entrance that is in the hallway. The difference was very significant. The upstairs warmed up about 5 degrees and I made no change to the thermostat!

The same thing happened in the summer. It used to be about 5 degrees warmer in the summer- not any more.

We are very satisfied with the Guardian®. You can use me as a reference.”

Jim from CT:

“As the strong winds begin to descend upon us, I can’t tell you how delighted I am with your product. When 2 boxes arrive at your door, one’s first thought is perhaps this will take more time to assemble that the son’s wagon on Christmas.

Quite the contrary! Installation was a breeze and the fit secure. It is light, yet extremely durable and the insulation material ensures a good fit.

Only challenge now is when you have friends over for dinner, you want to steer the conversation to that most fascinating topic of insulation materials. But with the energy prices rising fast and the applicability of the attic cover for all seasons, it is no problem steering to that topic and impressing all with my fine craftsmanship in assembling the cover.”

Irene from PA:

“We installed an Energy Guardian® over our two attic openings. One was near the bathroom. The floor was of the bathroom was cold and the hallway and bedroom were always cold and drafty in the winter. We had to run from the shower into the bedroom.

The clothes in the closet where we have the other opening were always freezing in the winter. Our entire second floor was always several degrees colder all winter. It was the opposite in the summer as it was warmer on the second floor than the first floor.

All that has changed once your units were installed last winter. We are so pleased. Our home is so much more comfortable. I am sure that we are saving money too.”

Pat from PA:

“What a pleasure & difference it was this winter to have a warm 2nd floor. Before I had my attic ladder/stairs cover installed, it was cold on the 2nd floor in the winter and hot in the summer. Can’t wait for the test this summer!

Great product- glad you thought of it!”

Brian from PA:

Energy Guardian® insulation cap has already noticeably improved my heat loss from the attic access door. I completed the installation yesterday- and it has made a HUGE difference already!

Thanks again.”

Dan from PA:

“My January bill is attached and shows a 0.8 Ccf/day reduction in gas usage vs. last January despite a lower average temperature and the fact we finished our basement in July.

I estimate we saved at least $189.65 in January by installing the Guardian® .”

Wayne from PA:

“It has been a year since you installed The Energy Guardian® . The comparison is still very difficult because we still do not have a year to year comparison and there is a big difference between last winter and this so far.

There is no question, however, about whether it is effective. We are very satisfied with The Energy Guardian® and you can quote me if you wish.”

Tom from PA:

“I installed the Guardian® in late summer. At that time, my air conditioning for the 2nd floor of my house really didn’t work as hard as before, thus keeping the 2nd floor cooler.

This winter my second floor has been much warmer. My step son’s bedroom was always chilly- now it is not. This thing really works!”