Permanent Stairways

WalkUp Door

ESS has a standard kit with modular components that fit virtually over any permanent stairway. The kit has an R-30 insulating value, revolutionary air seal and 20 year warranty. The heaviest component is approximately 10 lb. The components are modular and made to fit over rectangular and L-Shaped stairways.

For a stairway, take the following measurements:

A) length and width of opening

If A) is less than 40 x 94 inches, then you need a stairway kit
      Model # WUS-09-HB       ORDER NOW

If A) is greater than 40 x 94 inches and less than 40 x 126 inches then you also need an accessory pack for each additional 31½ x 41 inch section.
      Model # WUS-09-HB and 1 WUX-00-NB for each additional 31½ x 41 inch section.           

Note if there are any immovable objects within 5 inches of the edge of the opening in the attic- if the answer is yes, please contact technical support at 1-877-377-4674