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As Featured On…

The Energy Guardian® Kits have been featured on national and local TV, radio and various online and print media. Consumer reports are particularly valuable to prospective buyers be they DIYer or contractors. As you know, any consumer report is not an advertisement. Consumer reports are done by an independent party who should not receive any compensation for that review. ESS is pleased to have received so many favorable reviews over the years by FOX NEWS, Philadelphia CBS and NBC, Fine Home Building Magazine, ThisOldHouse.com as well as a number of blogs, newspaper articles and, most importantly, many notes, e-mails and letters from satisfied customers.

The Energy Guardian® Kits were featured in an entire segment on the FOX NEWS Channel.  While it aired some years ago, it proved that these kits were way ahead of the industry standards for that time and continue to meet today’s requirements.  To view this segment, click here.

Following that, our president, Jim Melesky was asked to write an article regarding the building science effects of attic accesses for Home Energy Magazine and what was needed to solve the problem.  The article listed the crucial features needed:

  • Insulating value equivalent to the rest of the attic
  • A durable Air Seal
  • A protective barrier
  • Durability to last at least 12 years

That article proved to be consequential.  Shortly after that article, the Energy Code, Residential Code and Department of Energy all published minimum standards for attic accesses for the first time!  Whether a coincidence or not, it proved that ESS understood the importance of a complete solution for attic ladders and push up hatches ahead of the industry.  

Check and see that the same attributes of The Energy Guardian® Kits in 2004 became standards in 2009 editions and all subsequent editions for Residential https://codes.iccsafe.org/content/IRC2015/chapter-11-re-energy-efficiency (see section N1102.2.4) and Energy Code https://codes.iccsafe.org/content/IECC2015/chapter-4-re-residential-energy-efficiency (see section R402.2.4  as well as the Department of Energy requirements.)

Here is some advice- check out any product you might consider today and make sure that they meet these standards.  If it doesn’t include the protective barrier, you need to add in the cost of materials to build one or pay someone to build it.  All air seals are not the same!  Make sure you get a product with a warranty for at least 12 years.

Here are a few samples of some other reviews:

Jennifer Brite, ThisOld House.com

The same This Old House that you see on TV or whose magazine you read also has much of the same information in its online website. Jennifer Brite is the author of “9 Green Products You Should Know About”. In this article, she explains the importance and benefits of going green. She then features nine specific products with The Energy Guardian® as the only one regarding an attic entrance.

To view the article, click here.

Martin Holloday, Fine Home Building Magazine (On line and print)

The writer, Martin Holloday reviews the minimum standards required for all attic accesses in the 2009 editions of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and International Residential Code.  These minimum standards apply to new construction as well as additions, alterations, renovations or repairs to an existing building or portion thereof.  In review of the available pre-fab kits, he notes that The Energy Guardian® Kits are “the best available product.”

To view the article, click here

Blogger: Teds Energy Tips

If you want an excellent commercial product that is built for this purpose, check out the Energy Guardian. That’s the only commercial product I’ve evaluated/seen that tackles this problem in a way that actually works. The other products are essentially worthless, about as effective as laying a piece of fiberglass over the hatch (which does nothing but cover you with fiberglass every time you open the hatch).

To view the article, click here

Syndicated Radio Show “Home Remedies”, hosted by Doug Rye

I am both a licensed architect and civil engineer specializing in home energy savings. I conduct over 150 energy saving seminars per year all across the U.S. In addition, I host the “Home Remedies” syndicated radio show that addresses common sense energy saving tips.  No question that the attic opening is an energy hog.  The Energy Guardian® Kits have set a national standard. 

In one of his weekly radio shows, Doug interviews Mike and Dennis Melesky of ESS Energy Products, Inc. During the segment, Doug, Mike and Dennis engage in a plain talk explanation of how much the attic entrance costs homes in wasted heating and cooling expenses, mold and roof damage. Mike and Dennis answer live questions about the problem as well as The Energy Guardian® Kits from homeowners throughout the 20+ states in which it is aired. Doug Rye adds, “The Energy Guardian® Kits are an essential component for any home for several important reasons. They also just make good common sense and have a short payback period. With your kits, homeowners stop feeding that big energy hog as soon as they are installed, not to mention that the home is safer and more comfortable.”